Touring and Production

Splitter Buses

Box Office Group can offer a variety of splitter buses ranging from budget vans - for those with a more limited budget - to luxury splitters customised to meet the requirements of a touring band. Splitters come equipped with reclining seats, air conditioning, DVD, PlayStation, Wi-Fi and MP3 compatibility and provide the comfort needed for extensive travel. Splitter buses are also great for video, photo and film shoots, and offer the versatility to double as a production office or changing room.

Mini Splitters/Crew Vehicles

As the name implies, our mini splitter buses are smaller than our standard splitter buses but have an extended gear area that holds that little bit extra than the average people carrier. Our fleet boasts Mercedes Vito, VW Transporter and Chrysler Voyager models, perfect for smaller parties with limited equipment and ideal for promotional tours, reconnaissance trips and production rehearsals.


Box Office Group has a team of runners dedicated to providing a high level of on-site service to our clients. Not only do they have an in-depth knowledge of the major UK venues and local areas, they are also licensed to drive a variety of vehicles including cars, vans and minibuses.  Discreet, enthusiastic and professional, they can be reactive or proactive as required but will always work as an extension of your own production team.

Splitter Bus