Security Services

Security comes in many forms – from chauffeurs trained in evasive driving techniques to close protection (chaperone/bodyguard) specialists, from static guarding (or residential security) to the provision of world-leading alarm/security systems linked to 24/7 monitoring services.  Box Office provides them all.

Within this, there are a number of specialist services: training in kidnap, ransom and extortion techniques, close combat/martial arts training, anti-stalking services, incident response training, surveillance and counter-surveillance and introduction and mediation services, to name just a few.

Whatever the service that may be required – whether for a celebrity, a high-ranking corporate executive or a wealthy individual and their family, we’re passionately committed to working closely with clients to provide honest, professional, ethical, innovative, practical and cost-effective services that exceed our clients’ expectations. 

We view the provision of security services not as a constraint on our clients’ activities but as an opportunity to empower them, to make them feel safe and secure enough to live their lives as they wish, without fear.

Once we’ve worked with our client to define the security strategy, having assessed the vulnerabilities of our clients and their families, we implement it.  Our aim? To protect people and assets using the best, most disciplined security and security operators in the business, providing a safe and secure environment whether at home or out on the road.

To discuss any specific security requirement, please contact us.  We’ll gladly meet you to talk about how you can obtain peace of mind, for yourself and your family.