Private Clients

Box Office Group is well versed in catering to high net worth individuals and family offices, including members of the UK and overseas Royal families. 

In our experience, clients in this category want – indeed, expect – our trademark professional, discreet and confidential service.  They’re used to the best, delivered with quiet efficiency. 

So we deliver our usual: the best service, the best cars, the best advice.  Unlike others, we don’t take advantage of their immense wealth – we don’t add zeros to the end of our bill simply because they can afford it.  Unlike others, we seek to SAVE them money to add to their bank balance, by offering our trademark advice regarding the most cost-effective chauffeur, security and concierge solutions.

Let’s take as an example a discreet service recently offered to wealthy visitors from China coming to London for a meeting.

They wanted to fit in a tour of the Cotswolds and a trip to one of the UK’s many shopping villages, ending with a table at a top London restaurant. 

A couple of our account managers sprang into action, employing their world-class planning to plan the itinerary, and making sure that everything ran to schedule.  The clients simply told us when they were flying in, when they needed to leave and what they wanted to achieve during your stay – we made suggestions and finalised bookings in the UK. 

Three of our luxurious vehicles, driven by knowledgeable and discreet chauffeurs, met the delegation at the airport and stayed with them for the duration of their stay, giving them individual attention and world-class service.  We also took care of additional covert security for one of the members of the delegation.  And, of course, everything went according to plan.

This is nothing new to us.  Two of the principals of Box Office Group were heavily involved in the 2011 visit to the UK by the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, including his visits to the Longbridge plant owned by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and to Stratford-upon-Avon to visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare.