Physical Security

Individuals, organisations and their employees are increasingly being forced to work on unfamiliar tasks in unfamiliar and potentially hostile environments. Employers have a duty of care to support their employees to cope effectively with these challenges.

With organised crime now infiltrating corporate establishments, the need for well- grounded security professionals with a more diverse view of security has never been greater.

Box Office Group offers the following services:

  • Executive protection
  • Bodyguard services
  • Security chauffeuring
  • Anti-stalking services
  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance.

We employ security personnel from UK and global armed forces and Police services to ensure the protection of prominent individuals with the highest levels of care and attention Utilising the most up-to-date technology, our service is efficient and cost effective, providing a total solution to all your security needs, with a range of personnel to suit all requirements.

Whether you need a small domestic security team or something larger, are well-versed in organising and co-ordinating major events, from managing the logistical requirements of high-profile events such as the G8 Summit and co-ordinating nationwide tours by high profile entertainers through to organising top quality, luxury events for visitors to the UK. With access to the best hotels, private residences and high-level individuals, we can tailor specific packages to meet the most demanding of needs, with attention to even the smallest of details, and accounting for every eventuality.