World-Class Solutions for Corporate VIPs

For leading business executives, time and efficiency are of the essence – we know that, and are dedicated to making sure that they reach their destinations promptly and in as relaxed a mood as possible.  Not for our busy executives the hassle of driving, parking, finding destinations or having to fend for themselves in rush hour at the end of a busy day ... or having to consider drink/driving laws after that essential business dinner.

Not only can a chauffeur-driven car often prove more cost effective than the UK’s inter-city train service but passengers can also make confidential calls, work or hold meetings in the back of our cars, maximising their time whilst en route. 

Box Office Group’s team of account managers are experts in recommending and providing cost efficient transport and logistical solutions for any requirement. From international banking roadshows to airport transfers, property and site tours to confidential “as directed” journeys, our team of expert account managers can cater for all of your requirements.  With several hundred years’ combined experience, our account team is expert in recommending and providing cost-efficient transportation and logistical solutions for any requirement.

We have a variety of vehicles and services to suit our clients' needs including business class saloons, first class saloons, corporate people carriers, luxury coaches and armoured vehicles, as well as access to a wide range of aircraft of all types.  Certain executives prefer to be driven in their own company cars, when our Chauffeur Only service fits the bill.

We pride ourselves on providing vehicles that are comfortable and luxurious, coupled with knowledgeable and discreet chauffeurs who are well used to transporting captains of industry and their VIP visitors.

Our offices are operational 24/7 and a member of our team will always be on hand to assist you, offering our trademark professional and confidential customer service.