What happens to your London house when you're away - and what do you find when you get back?

In 2012, The Evening Standard reported that nearly a quarter of a million people have a second home in London which they only live in part-time.  A large number of these second homes are bought by overseas investors, who view prime central London as a secure long-term investment, though families with both a London home and a second holiday home make up the largest share of this figure.  Some 63,000 properties are accounted for by homeowners with two addresses in the city, splitting their time between homes in two different boroughs. 

You may be among their number – or you may live in London but work mostly elsewhere, whether in the UK or abroad. 

Here at Box Office we know that leaving a house empty for any period of time is a concern to our clients – when calling us to arrange their transportation to London, they often expressed concerns regarding what they would find upon their return, not only in regard to the safety and security of the house during their absence, but also because they knew it would be cold and dusty, with no food in the fridge or fresh linen on the beds. 

So we came up with a solution: our ‘Hotel at Home’ service maintains your house and provides regular security checks when you are away.  That may be enough for you - but when you are back, you have the option to turn your house into a five star hotel for the duration of your stay in London.

So when you’re away, you get one of our PAs who can help you with any UK-based requirements, forward or deal with any post on your behalf and also project-manage any maintenance work.  Your house can be cleaned regularly, and all electrical items and appliances checked and maintained for you.  We can look after your garden and indoor plants, and can even maintain and clean any vehicles left at home. 

When you get back – quite apart from arranging a chauffeur to pick you up from any airport – we can make your home feel like a five star hotel, without being intrusive.  Of course we’d provide a welcome pack, containing all of your favourite treats as well as essentials, but how about a daily ‘light clean’ during your stay? a laundry service, with clean clothes back in your wardrobe within 24 hours? fresh flowers? and ongoing access to your PA to make ad hoc purchases on your behalf (gifts, flowers, etc)?

This is by no means an exhaustive list – we know that everyone is different, with different wants and needs, so we treat everyone individually, and develop a bespoke package for their exact requirements. 

Prices start from as little as £250 + VAT per month for basic services, so if you’re interested in discussing your personal requirements in more detail, and obtaining a no-obligation quotation for your own bespoke package, please call Box Office on +44 (0)844 8118 007.