Travelling in the UK - why a chauffeured car makes more sense than other transport services

Travelling can be stressful - will you get to the station on time, even in rush hour? are you on the right train? if you are, will the train be running on time, or will the UK’s often adverse weather conditions affect your journey? will the taxi take the most direct route or - because you don’t know the area - will the driver try to boost his fare by taking you the most circuitous route? will you make your appointment on time? and when you’ve finished your first meeting, will you be able to find a cab to get you to your next appointment on time?

That’s where Box Office Group can help: as an independent transport company specialising in high-end chauffeur services, transportation and logistics for VIPs in the corporate and entertainment sectors, we pride ourselves first and foremost on offering peace of mind to our clients.

Clients - ranging from large multi-nationals to small independent companies, from TV and film production companies to music promoters and celebrities - all have one thing in common: they expect their VIPs, staff and visitors to be transported comfortably, professionally and cost-effectively.

Chauffeuring - once seen as the preserve of only the rich and famous – is now used by companies and individuals throughout the UK. Why?

When asked why they use our services, many clients cite heightened security concerns and increasingly stringent security requirements, causing them to reduce their executives’ use of public transport - especially when Box Office Group services can often be provided cheaper than that public transport!

Indeed, many use us in preference to the rail service, having discovered that four people can be transported door to door from the Midlands to and from London for less than the cost of four first Class train tickets.

Regardless of the type of vehicle you need, we understand the needs of today's business traveller, offering relaxed and comfortable journeys in any of our vehicles. Whether clients want to work during the journey or just sit back and relax, they arrive refreshed, focused and on schedule at their destination. Confidentiality is assured: our chauffeurs all sign a confidentiality agreement for your protection.

Our Control Room is in constant contact with each of our chauffeurs and can respond immediately to any client requirements or changes to travel or itinerary plans. All airport arrivals and departures are carefully monitored in real time to ensure that travel time is minimised but can be adjusted as necessary.

Benefits of using our dedicated chauffeur service instead of public transport are wide-ranging, but can be summarised as:

  • the vehicles will always be clean (they are valeted before every journey)
  • all chauffeurs have passed full medical, DVLA and Criminal Records Bureau checks and are selected for their driving ability, their geographic knowledge and their standards of discretion, professionalism and courtesy
  • passengers can therefore work, hold meetings or have confidential telephone discussions whilst in the vehicle, almost an office on wheels, meaning that travelling time is not wasted
  • the vehicle will collect you and any colleagues from your homes or offices, saving journey time to and from airports and stations (and the inevitable hassle – and cost! – of parking there)
  • the vehicle will wait outside every meeting and take you on to your next – no need to fret about being able to hail a cab to get you there in time
  • the chauffeur will have planned your route and will know where to go and how to get there
  • any last-minute changes to itinerary or travel plans can be accommodated quickly and efficiently
  • at the end of a long day, you can relax and be taken back to your office or to your own front door
  • we remove the stress from both long distance and cross-city transportation
  • ... and it’s cheaper to transport you and your colleagues to major meetings than it is for you to buy First Class inter-city train tickets (especially when you add in the cost of parking at the station and cab fares to take you from meeting to meeting).

It’s a given that you want a more stress-free travelling environment - but next time you need to get from A to B (maybe via C), why not give us a call to see if it’s more cost-effective for you, too?