Travel Plans Up In The Air? Private Aircraft Chartering could be the answer

Private aircraft – whether jets or helicopters – used to be seen as the sole preserve of the famous and the mega-rich.  These days, though, the increasingly global world of business means that private aircraft charter is now often the only option for busy, time-poor executives, and is often more cost-effective than commercial First Class travel. 

For Box Office clients, private air charter is an increasingly popular form of air travel, ticking all the boxes in relation to the three Cs: convenience, comfort and confidentiality. 

So, say you have an important breakfast meeting in Paris at 7am, followed by a presentation at 11am – but in Geneva.  You need to be back in London to brief the rest of your Board at 4pm, and then you want to be home for 7.30pm to read the children a bedtime story and enjoy a relaxing dinner with your partner.

In years gone by, this would have been impracticable – and mind-blowingly expensive.  But today, Box Office can get you where you need to be, in comfort and style, and you’ll still be able to prepare for the next leg of your day whilst in the air, totally confidentially and cost-effectively.

Business leaders now know that nowhere in the world is too far, no opportunity presented by globalisation is inaccessible.  Vast distances between your office and opportunities for your business can these days be managed by technology (imagine a world without the Internet, email or international calls!) and by air charter when only face-to-face meetings will seal the global deal.

Quite apart from the freedom to travel to wherever you want without the restrictions of commercial flight timetables, flying privately offers a host of other benefits.  You avoid the lengthy check-in times enforced by major airlines, and the resulting lengthy queues – with customs pre-cleared, you can check in just 20 minutes before your flight is due to depart..  Your in-flight service is totally personal to you, so your Box Office Account manager will make sure that your favourite foods, reading materials and even favourite crew are a part of the service.  You can access many more airports than are offered by commercial airlines, so you arrive closer to your meeting destination and don’t have to spend hours on the road.  (And let’s not forget, Box office can arrange your chauffeur-driven car at the other end via its network of affiliate offices, so even that part of the journey is stress-free!) You can use discreet private terminals, knowing that your flight is completely confidential and that your details will remain private.  With private air charter, luxury really does come as standard.

So next time you have one of those days where you think that you simply can’t be everywhere when you need to be, think again ... you can, in a world where minimum fuss equates to maximum efficiency.

If you’re interested in broadening your horizons – and seeing what really can be packed into a day – just call Box Office for a no-obligation quotation.