How to get the best out of your shopping trip in the UK

We’ve all been there – going abroad and wanting to shop for the things we either can’t get at home or that are too expensive there. We may know the names of a couple of stores by reputation, but are they the best for what we need? Would we get the best deals there? Would we get an even better deal if we were accompanied by someone known to the store, someone who could organise exclusive access to items that may not even have hit the shelves yet? And what about the stores we don’t know about, those little exclusive enclaves known only to locals?

Do you fancy being driven from store to store, with a personal chauffeur at your disposal to drop you right outside the door and to help you load your goodies? or a list of the stores that will help you to tick every item on your shopping wish list, and a full planning service to get you from A to B to C via the most logical route? Do you want personal service in stores, pre-organised for you? and recommendations about other shops you might like to visit?

Well now - with Box Office Group – you can max out on your shopping trips to the UK, privately and discretely. We’re well used to transporting visitors from the Far East, the US and many other countries to top shopping venues, both inside and out of London.

If you’re spending £000s, you may also be concerned about protecting yourself (and your acquisitions) – many of our visiting ladies use the services of our close-protection female chaperone, who looks feminine but has all the skills of a ninja! She makes sure that any of our visitors aren’t intimidated or taken advantage of – and, if you have any doubts about her abilities, this is the lady that was recently asked by a top world-famous store to deliver two diamonds worth over one million pounds to an overseas client.

So, if you want to make the most of your shopping time in the UK, call Amelia at Box Office Group on +44 (0)844 8118 007.