Caring for your favourite toy can be easy... With a little help from your friends!

So, you have a boy's toy in the garage, something that sees the light only on high days and holidays but never, ever in the rain?

Or you have a daily workhorse that gets you from A to B in luxury, but somehow there never seems to be time in the day to look after it correctly?

Well, help is at hand, ‘cos if there’s one thing that Box Office Group knows about, it’s cars!

Of course we pride ourselves on the quality of our chauffeurs and on our ability to solve any issues regarding your transportation or logistical needs, but we’d be nothing without the raw tools of our trade. Quite apart from that, we’re all petrol heads so we just love ‘em!

Any marque, any model, any age. From Mercedes to Lamborghini, Range Rover to Ferrari, Audi to Porsche – new model or classic - we know how to drive them, but as you’d expect we also know how to provide the best care for them.

We manage our own fleet, and now we’re offering those same levels of care and attention to detail to you.

Whether you use your car every day, once a month or once a year, we’d love to tailor a package to suit you.

We can look after the basics such as fuelling, valeting and organising secure parking for you (yes, even in London!).

We can go a little further and put your car through our health check – including checking tyre pressures, oil levels and bulbs – to ensure it’s always in perfect working order and ready for use.

We can organise an annual service or MOT.

We can even take your classic for a regular spin to keep everything ticking over and charged so you can jump in at any time and be confident that it’ll start, first time.

In short, we can do as much or little as you need.

And if you haven’t yet found the car of your dreams, or are looking for a replacement, let us know. As a client, you’d not only have access to the extensive experience of luxury car brands we’ve gained though purchasing our own fleet but also to the fantastic relationships we enjoy within the industry, as a result of which we can offer you purchasing opportunities not available to the general public.

If you want to pick our brains about a prospective purchase, need to be sure you’re getting a great deal or just want someone to look out for your dream car when you’re so busy that you can’t do it yourself, just give us a call on +44 (0)844 8118 007.

We look forward to hearing from you.