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Travelling in the UK - why a chauffeured car makes more sense than other transport services

Posted on 17th Oct 2014

Travelling can be stressful - will you get to the station on time, even in rush hour? are you on the right train? if you are, will the train be running on time, or will the UK’s often adverse weather conditions affect your journey? will the taxi take the most direct route or – because you don’t know the area - will the driver try to boost his fare by taking you the most circuitous route?

How to get the best out of your shopping trip in the UK

Posted on 14th Oct 2014

We've all been there - going abroad and wanting to shop for the things we either can't get at home or that are too expensive there. We may know the names of a couple of stores by reputation, but are they the best for what we need? Would we get the best deals there? Well now - with Box Office Group - you can max out on your shopping trips to the UK.

Caring for your favourite toy can be easy... With a little help from your friends!

Posted on 10th Sep 2014

So, you have a boy's toy in the garage, something that sees the light only on high days and holidays but never, ever in the rain? Or you have a daily workhorse that gets you from A to B in luxury, but somehow there never seems to be time in the day to look after it correctly? Well, help is at hand, 'cos if there's one thing that Box Office Group knows about, it’s cars!

Travel Plans Up In The Air? Private Aircraft Chartering could be the answer

Posted on 30th Aug 2014

Private aircraft – whether jets or helicopters – used to be seen as the sole preserve of the famous and the mega-rich. These days, though, the increasingly global world of business means that private aircraft charter is now often the only option for busy, time-poor executives, and is often more cost-effective than commercial First Class travel.

Customs delays doubling your journey time? US Pre Clearance at Shannon Airport can save you time

Posted on 30th Aug 2014

We've all been there ... we want to get into the US, can't wait to start our tour of business meetings or shops (or both!), but always end up being frustrated at having to stand in a long queue, often for hours at a time, to receive the OK to get started. So what if I told you that, as a Box Office client, there's a way to avoid those queues?

What happens to your London house when you're away - and what do you find when you get back?

Posted on 6th Jun 2014

In 2012, The Evening Standard reported that nearly a quarter of a million people have a second home in London which they only live in part-time. A large number of these second homes are bought by overseas investors, who view prime central London as a secure long-term investment, though families with both a London home and a second holiday home make up the largest share of this figure. Some 63,000 properties are accounted for by homeowners with two addresses in the city, splitting their time between homes in two different boroughs.